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Please note: We prefer you to sign up with your company email address. If you sign up with a gmail/yahoo/etc. type address you will be contacted for FM industry verification prior to you receiving any additional information. Connex does not sell data/share to third party vendors. Exhibitor information (company, website, etc.) is public to provide our exhibiting companies as much exposure to the potential business as possible. If you contact any Connex Exhibitors for non-approved reasons (i.e. hotel scams, poaching, etc.) You will be served with legal Cease & Desist orders and pursued with other potential legal actions.

Hotel Reservations

MCI is the designated housing company for the Connex2020 Conference.

Hotel Reservations will be open mid-December 2019.


Connex will officially notify you in advance.


In recent years, a number of exhibitors have informed Connex of conference list solicitations (often fraudulent) from groups with no affiliation to Connex.


Please disregard any offers for participant lists and avoid providing information to anyone outside of Connex.