Five Ways to Boost Your Brand with Booth Graphics


  • Learn how to create compelling graphics that grab attendee eyeballs.

  • Find out why bullets = BORING when it comes to signage.

  • Tips for using dynamic LED graphics to light up your space...of any size.

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By Steven Levesque

As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

At a trade show, the booth serves as a visual representation of your brand and an opportunity to impress a mass of potential customers. The way your booth appears, the branding, and how messages are communicated matter.

Think about it: With so many cool booths beckoning from every direction, attendees will decide to visit yours based on what you can do for them — and those offerings are communicated with signage.

The most effective graphics clearly communicate an organization’s key messages with enough impact to catch attention across a busy expo floor.

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