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Connex does not sell data/share to third party vendors. Exhibitor information (company, website, etc.) is public to provide our exhibiting companies as much exposure to the potential business as possible. If you contact any Connex Exhibitors for non-approved reasons (i.e. hotel scams, poaching, etc.) You will be served with legal Cease & Desist orders and pursued with other potential legal actions.


The next transformation of lead retrieval without scanners.


CONNEX2019 (Denver, Colorado) introduced the SMARTNetworking button where you could "klik" with another attendee to exchange information. The SMARTLeads Retrieval system uses the "klik" technology for the individual attendee and pairs it with the NEW Exhibitor Company Portal. Now, no matter your team's size, you can qualify and rate leads, gather your entire team's SMARTNetworking success under one exhibiting company portal.

  • Manage your company's information and branding provided to attendees.
  • All your booth delegates can be added into one convenient company dashboard to gather all their leads under the same portal.
  • Your entire list of leads will be available on your web portal.
  • Gather information on each lead, including who each of your leads met with, notes from the connection, the level of engagement at your booth INCLUDING DWELL time.


All in ONE Dashboard of KPIs for followup, tracking and next steps.


No additional equipment required.

SMARTLeads (Lead Retrieval System)

$699.00 Regular Price
$499.00Sale Price
  • You will receive a tutorial and access instructions for your SMARTLead dashboard and setup starting March 15.


    When one of your booth delegates captures a lead, their profile information will appear on the lead's virtual timeline and vice versa.

    They can add notes on each lead and connect with them through social media.



    Your Booth representatives can prepare their networking ahead of time with SMARTMatch. This tool recommends potential leads based on common interests with your exhibiting company.