EXHIBITORS are automatically registered for FM Quick Connect.


Exhibitors will receive a list of FM Needs in the Know Before You Go email.


Each company is permitted

ONE wristband/person for each Quick Connect session.


Pick up your
wristband at
Member Services or
at the ConnexFM Information desk starting
Monday, April 29.


The event doors will open at 3:30 pm Monday, August 9 & 10:45 am Tuesday, August 10.

Sponsors may enter 15 minutes prior.


Speed networking is setup with rows of tables and chairs. The multi-sitecompanies on one side of the table stay seated  throughout the whole event the suppliers on the other side of the table move along to the next table.


Usually the sessions are from 2-3 minutes long – just enough time to give a quick overview of what services your company is looking for and the regions you need serviced.


In this short time it will give you a quick pulse of whether the your company & FM are a match. The goal of the event is to help FMs pre-plan which companies to visit on the Exhibition Floor. 


The best way to make speed networking work for you, is to approach it strategically. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of FM Quick Connect:

  1. Know why you want to attend/who you are looking to meet.
    Print the list or download the list to your mobile device. Prepare a quick fact sheet and/or bring business cards for the Retail/Multi-site company to keep after your meet/greet. HELPFUL HINT: Include your booth number

  2. Know what you’ll say about yourself and your company.
    Due to the short time constraints, it is important that you lead the conversation with what your needs are. This will save time in the case the supplier in your line does not meet those needs. In the case when this happens, be open to an introduction and business card exchange. You never know when those needs may arise.

    When you find your FM match, be sure to share your booth location and/or setup time to reconnect during conference.


  3. Know what to ask about their company/business.
    It may be safe to assume that the other person hasn’t prepped as well as you have. You may get someone who is nervous or not accustomed to speed networking. Either way you need to take back this short meeting. Have a few questions ready to interject such as “what are your needs?” or “what timeline do you need fulfilled?” or "what challenges/issues are you currently facing?" This will help you guide the networking date and be able to provide you with helpful information during your initial brief time together.

  4. If there is time, ask more about them.
    Being a ConnexFM member is one of the reasons you've come to CONNEX2021 National Conference. Ask how long the FM has been a member, what has been the best ConnexFM benefit (business, referrals, expanding their network, volunteering) to them? This will help you get an understanding of the FM from a different viewpoint. Are they invested in the association, industry, other members?

  5. Say thanks and keep the connection.
    If not now, they may be a valuable connection later.

    Not every company will be a match to your services. You never know how a FM may fall into your network or who they can introduce you to. When it’s time to end your meeting and move along, shake hands and genuinely thank the person for their time.